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She only strikes when she sees...

...but with every battle, she sees more.

MCA 8, Saturday morning
Hanging Out
After an annoying, annoying trip back to town that at least ended okay (thanks, Tony!), Jessica was trying to get back to normal. She'd spent weeks either on Earth-001 or Earth-803 and then so much time dealing with Portalocity on her way back. She had real take out food last night and caught up and/or gave up on her personal and work e-mails. Both things could be true.

Now she was working on her hair since it had grown out a bit while she was gone and there was just no way she was going to use a the steampunk hair-dying machine she saw in Lady Spider's world. Simply no way, that thing looked like it would decapitate anyone who even stood near it. And while she was waiting to be able to rinse that out, it was time to send texts to people announcing she was back in town and apologizing for leaving so suddenly, interdimensional trouble, blah blah blah.

And she ended that with a text to JARVIS to thank him for paying her bills while she was gone so she actually had power when she got back. All of this would have been tougher in the dark.

[OOC: I'm largely through a rough stretch of endless deadlines at work so, hey, I'm giving this "Being an active player" thing another shot. Open post, and if you think you got a message, you did!

For what Jessica's been doing while she's been away, please refer to the now-completed Web Warriors series and pretend Jess was just off panel for most of it.]

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General 1
Hey all, just as an FYI, 3MD may very possibly go up in the middle of the night or in the morning. It's been deadline hell for about three weeks, and I worked basically an entire extra day this week, so it's probable that I'll be asleep before I have the rosters finalized and posted.

If that happens, my apologies, but at least I'll be too asleep to feel too bad about the slight delay. :)

Manhattan, New York, Earth-8096, Tuesday night
BW Pose
Someday Jessica planned to come to Tony's Earth for fun. Someday. Tonight, it was business once again. She had the inside track on one of Norman Osborn's secret labs where she might be able to find a sample of the formula that turned him into the raving loon known as the Green Goblin. Using the map in her mask, she tracked it down in no time. Breaking in took even less time. And no surprise, the formula was right there, waiting to be stolen. There was also plenty of tech and goblin masks, too, but she had a short radius EMP pulse for that. She designed it years ago for use against Roxxon. She felt it was only appropriate to use it here, too.

Only a couple minutes after she first broke in, the formula was safe inside an armored bag, and Jessica was on her way back out.

Her spider-sense didn't warn her in time to dodge the bio-electric blast that came her way.

She dropped to the street and a woman in a very distinctive red and yellow costume dropped down over her. "Pretty sure you took something that doesn't belong to you," she said. "That's a shame. It's tough enough to be Spider-Woman with the press Spider-Man gets. I don't need another spider-lady mucking things up."

Jessica looked up at this Spider-Woman and sighed. This was going to be a longer night than she thought.

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MCA #8, Sunday afternoon
BW Prep
After a good day clearing her head and working out on the planet, Jessica came home, ready to change into some nice, comfortable... "God. Dammit."

Jessica came home to find that all of her normal person clothes were gone and that she would be wearing her black bodysuit and red jacket for the time being. It was that or the 70's glam outfit Sinister dressed her corpse in that she was holding onto purely as a backup or for a costume party. Apparently they didn't count as clothes. She could understand that.

[OOC: Kind of had to since I had her out in town before I remembered what this weekend was. :) Open to calls or visitors or whatever!]

Around Nos Astra, Saturday morning
BW Swing
It had been a rough couple weeks for Jessica. Dragged to Battleworld only to die, come back to life (with all her own organs; she checked), barely escape before the planet blew up. After doing some tests on herself and sending out some probes to Battleworld's coordinates, she needed to get out for a while. Find some space to work out and think.

Fortunately they were at a planet with massive skyscrapers. Jessica put on her spare costume, crossed the causeway, and started swinging.

Aside from her times visiting Tony's world, this was the first time in a long time that she was able to do any webswinging for relaxation. She could turn her brain off, fling herself into the air, bounce off a skycar or two, and just get the maximum workout possible.

And she needed her brain turned off, because that morning, some probes returned data. Battleworld wasn't completely gone. Shattered pieces of it remained. Probably not enough to maintain life, but more than she expected. But that wasn't what had thrown her. Out there, somewhere in the multiverse, a probe made its way to a previously empty place in space and time. Now there was an Earth there. She programmed the probe to hit several other coordinates. Some were empty, but some... some had been reborn.

Battleworld died, but it seemed like the rest of reality was starting to come back. But not her world. Not yet. On top of everything else, what did this mean?

Jessica didn't know. It was too much to process. So for now she just needed some action, the way that only a spider-woman could find it. Swinging through a metropolis like it was the most natural thing in the world.

[OOC: Open, if anyone might be midair, I guess? Or you can spot Jess and call to her, I guess.]

Doomstadt, BATTLEWORLD, Tuesday
The trip back to Doomstadt was disconcerting. Pockets of what appeared to be extreme, catastrophic violence cropped up sporadically in the domains below the stealthcraft Jessica was piloting, but nothing was as bad as Doomstadt. Jessica had intended to get back to Castle Doom, but there were some problems with that. Like pieces of a giant Ben Grimm shattered below Galactus, and what seemed to be a huge tree man breaking the castle from the inside.

Or there was the giant Doom over there punching a giant panther with a star?

"I'm guessing my intel is outdated by now," Jessica suggested.

For a more coherent version of the surrounding events, see Secret Wars 8 and 9. And Ultimate End 5. Thors 4. That'll probably be enough.Collapse )

Bar Sinister, BATTLEWORLD, Tuesday
BW Prep
For a mad scientist's lab, the decor was actually nice. Everything was bright, with appealingly contrasting colors. The various liquids of probably horrific origins were moving in bags and vials and over on that table. And off in one section of the lab were several vials of blood next to the person they came from, Jessica Drew. Considering the way she had died when Captain Marvel punched through her chest, she was looking pretty good. The blood had been cleaned up, the hole in her chest was gone, and the corpse was wearing an outfit that would have looked good on someone on stage in 1978. Because this WAS Sinister's lab and he had a certain style.

And then, suddenly, the corpse took a long gasp of breath and Jessica sat up. She quickly patted her chest where a giant hole should be and found nothing more than a nasty scar. She pulled some tubing out of her mouth, nose, and arm, then rolled off the counter she had been set on. It took her a minute to be steady on her feet, but her spider-sense wasn't going off. That meant she had a minute to look around.

She could tell that she was in one of Sinister's labs (the purple mood lighting around a table in the center of the room gave that away), but there were no signs that anyone had been around today. But whenever they were around, they had apparently been busy, judging by all of the samples around her. She didn't like the sight of that blood. She especially didn't like the sight of some tubes that were glowing.

"Okay. Anything I can start a fire with?" she asked herself.

Friendship! Explosions! A really pissed off Black Widow!Collapse )

Doomstadt, BATTLEWORLD, Monday
BW Portal

Tony Stark (8096)

Okay, so this was probably the strangest place Tony had been to. And not just because it was called Battleworld. But mostly because of that.

He kept his head down just in case someone knew him and wanted to kill him as he looked for Jessica. Because he was Tony Stark and that was sort of becoming a normal occurrence.

Spider-Man (Arachnia)

The protests were getting larger. Louder. And they had finally stretched to Doomstadt itself. It wouldn't take long before people were outside the walls of Castle Doom, but for now, the people were still too scared for that.

One thing they apparently weren't too scared of was the Killiseum. In fact, a group had just made their way in and released the gladiators who were being held there, which probably unsurprisingly led to widespread fighting. Thors showed up to break things up, but most of the gladiators had already escaped, so the authorities were left to crowd control.

What they didn't see was a Spider-Man, who had watched the whole thing from a spot atop the Killiseum and was now trying to blend into the crowd in costume. With this crowd, it wasn't as ridiculous as you might think.

You'd think Jess would show up here. Sorry. She's dead.Collapse )

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Bar Sinister, BATTLEWORLD, Wednesday
BW Crawl
From the information Jessica had on Sinister, this realm suited him. Everything was garish with dark accents. It was the perfect reflection of a man who presented himself as glam fashion by way of mad science.

The greyish pink lighting in the castle Jessica sneaked into really told the whole story. It made the fact that she was sneaking around in her black bodysuit so much weirder.

She was surprised when she spotted Sinister shortly after entering the castle. She was even more surprised when she avoided him very easily. Then she avoided her second Sinister. Then a pair of them. Great. Clones. She found her way deep into the castle by the time something went wrong.

Warning: Character Death! Not a joke, True Believers!Collapse )

[OOC: NFB due to distance and NFI due to... well.]

Castle Doom, Doomstadt, BATTLEWORLD, Tuesday evening
BW Portal

Jessica Drew

The castle was just as Jessica remembered. Dark, but warm. Doom, cloaked in white, sitting in his throne made of what had to be the World Tree. But she wasn't about to let that intimidate her. "You rang?" she joked. It was at least partially to calm her nerves since Black Swan was following her into the throne room.


"Miss Drew," Doom said, rising and walking over to meet her. That was unexpected. "Thank you for coming."

Jessica Drew

"Well, your goth priestess had a good pitch," Jessica said, nodding back toward Black Swan. "What do you need from me?"

GoddoomedCollapse )

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